Tuesday, October 25, 2011

15 weeks!

15 weeks tomorrow and anxiously awaiting our sexing scan! We booked a private one because we are really excited. Two and a half weeks and counting. My registry is all sorted out and I'm ready to send it out as soon as we find out- even though all our stuff is pretty much unisex, so we can use it for the next baby. I want all my family to have it in time for Christmas, because if I am going to have a shower it will be family only and will probably be around that time so everyone is together. SO EXCITED!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spinning Babies

I was completely unaware that a woman can help get her baby in an optimal position. I was also unaware that some head down positions can be more favorable than others. I have notoriously bad posture. I slouch a lot, which may be due to the fact that I had scoliosis as a kid and never learned to sit properly. I am much more conscious of this now and I realize how important daily walking is. If you are reading this I encourage you to check out Spinning Babies!

They also have a couple of great videos pointing out the importance of having a provider that supports natural birthing.

"If you don't need a cesarean, you can choose not to join the trend of surgical childbirth. If you don't need a cesarean, you might consider giving birth where providers know how to support human birthing. If you don't NEED a cesarean, you might not want to give birth where 1 in 3 women are silently prepared for one without their knowledge."

OBs are surgeons! Simply put, they are trained to cut you open! Why would you want them overseeing your birth? Having a midwife is much better for mother and baby. They specialize in normal healthy births and use the least amount of intervention as possible. If you don't want a homebirth, midwives can attend you in the hospital. If everyone researched their options, many women could avoid being victimized by the medical business.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Beginnings

I feel like my life has done a complete 180 from where I was last year, and I am so thankful for that. So hello new blog! After losing our little angel at 8 weeks last year, we are now 14 weeks along with our Rainbow Baby! The best part is I am actually now looking forward to giving birth to my first child, rather than fearing it. Yes, I who wanted a child very much my entire life, feared labor. Now that my prospects are set on a homebirth, there is nothing that is going to make me go to the hospital aside from unforseen problems that need monitored.

I went to a Natural Parenting meeting today and it was a relief to mingle with people that share my views and ideals. I was comfortable around them, even though I am normally socially awkward with people at first. I couldn't have met a nicer group! I hope to continue going to the meetups and get more information on childbirthing classes, too. Having never given birth or been a mom I feel a little uneducated. While I helped raise all my younger siblings, I am ignorant to much of the birthing process. When Sarah helped me understand that there can be some things more painful than labor, (like constant forms of pain) it eased my anxiety a little. I also realize I am not afraid of the pain as much as I am afraid of having to go to the hospital if I start to feel like I can't handle it. Hopefully I can overcome that and convince myself I can do it. My husband is being very supportive of the homebirth plans, although he does admit he doesn't think I can do it without drugs. So basically he is calling me a wimp... but I guess that's not unwarranted, I was a complete baby after having my appendix removed two years ago.

Reasons Why I Want a Homebirth:

  1.  I want to avoid exposing myself and my child to the large number of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria present in hospitals.
  2. I don't want to be pressured into an epidural.
  3. I want to labor in the comfort of my own home where I can use any methods I want or need to distract myself or ease the pain.
  4. I want a birthing pool.
  5. I want to be able to get my baby settled in right away.
  6. I don't want the discomfort of having to get in the car and come home after the birth, I want to stay home until I feel comfortable going out.
  7. I don't want interventions like forceps, and I want to lessen the chance that I may need a C-section.
  8. I don't want to be anxious about who has my baby and if they are going to take him or her out of my sight.
  9. Most if not ALL of the things my midwife will need, just like in the hospital, she will bring with her.
You have to start somewhere, so even if you know nothing about homebirth you will find information. There is some info on the forum of Baby and Bump, and a LOT of my best information and resources I have found are from  Well Rounded Birth Prep.